July 25, 2012

Find My Account ID

CardStar for Android is enabled with an opt-in account users can create to backup their cards to our secure cloud server for easy retrieval from any Apple, Android or Nokia device.

If you have backed up your account and have upgraded with your email address then your ID is your email address. If you have backed up your cards but have not upgraded your account then your ID is an anonymous 12-digit number.

To view your CardStar Account ID:
1. Open CardStar.
2. Scroll down to Accounts and select CardStar.

Your ID should appear below the blue CardStar logo. If you do not see any ID listed on this page then you have not yet set up an account and your cards are not backed up.


Wow is it easy to set up! I entered 6 cards in about 2 minutes!

Jay w., iTunes

By far best shopping saver card app out there...★★★★★!

Chrissy, Android Market (v2.1.1)